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Wasp xD

hahah i love this song xD

i love the fact that i found out what u used too xD

Bunnymajs responds:

Wasp? you mean the plug-in wasp in FL? :o
Cuse i certanly didnt use it xD
Magical8bit, ymVST and PooBoy2 :3

nice xD

nice i like it alot and thers really not much i can say xD

nice :)

eh this is a really nice song, but Since its DnB you cant afford to be Drumless for half the song. i would say that shorten the intro and after the drumset kicks in make sure you add stuff so the song doesnt get boring. i would like to hear a 2nd version of this. It has a lot of potentioal

Flared24 responds:

the reason half of the track lacks percussion is because it's a preview, as stated in the title and on my soundcloud


mad nice bro

DJPureSuffer responds:

Thanks alot! :D

Needs work

u have a good idea of what you want, but you seem to repetitive at it also the beginigs is just bad...lead piano is playing thje last beats and it seems unsync'd so it sounds really off. aside for that u have good ideas try to add more chatchy parts u know jazz its about making the people stand and dance xD

ChronoNomad responds:

Interesting. The underlying Boogie progression tends to be kind of repetitive; not that I can do much about that. Piano jazz isn't as diverse as something played with different types of instruments, so it's more about energy than anything else. This is me stepping outside of my normal comfort zone and doing something different on a whim. From my experience that's not something that most folks are courageous enough to try, but thanks for your input. I'll be sure to tell my audience not to dance so vigorously in the future.

not bad

its not bad..really catchy and stuff but since its like not finished and like the guy said you kind of over use the drumset at parts. thers also something in the molody thats bothering me its just the progression...maybe its just me idk but you did a great job xD


pretty awesome dude you deserv this score xd

hehehe lets go....

eh the intro i waaaaaay too long but after that is pretty good....

DjLuckyThr33 responds:

thx , i will try to make it short and happy you love after :)

trololololololo xD im a musician xD In ShadeStorm. group/Collaboration with Xaotic

n/a, Male


nat telling ya xD


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